D. Gary Young, Founder

“To grow, harvest, and distill is a lot of work and a huge expense. Our world has turned to technology and synthetic production in the laboratory. By the time the world discovers that Mother Nature’s pure substances are the best, it could be too late to begin producing them again for world consumption.”

when r.c. stock is low

For centuries, native Australian aborigines traditionally used eucalyptus sap for body pains, sinus congestion, fever, and colds. OF THE FIVE EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OILS Young Living offers, the most popular are Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus radiata. These two oils smell most like traditional eucalyptus oils in vapor rubs. These oils also have a high percentage of…

eyes have it

Too important, yes?!  and request comes up all the time!!!!! A simple way to use the clinic’s original eyecare recipe which I love for strengthening vision and, for me, even correct dry eyes. I apply by putting a drop or two of each oil in the palm of my hand and smoosh together so nothing…

what does your stress weigh

Got back from 2-weeks in Hawaii this summer and had dropped 14-pounds!! What? WHAT?!! Two glorious weeks of indulgent celebration for sure! MORE IMPORTANT, sitting face to face with a Coach and Mastermind Team!! One on one, “your soul’s rooting for you!! Many don’t have that encourage in our day to day life. Young Living…

scars and soft tissue

My scar, hubbies YL Prostate Health supplement. There I was, alone with an empty bottle of, you know, prostate stuff. One of the capsules had leaked its precious oils into the bottom (of the jar). Rather than throw it away, I added a little water, a little shake, and blessed the scars of my legs….

animals, aromatherapy and essential oils

© November 1997 Gary Young “I have raised animals all my life and presently have several miniature horses as well as four teams of draft horses. I also have pygmy goats, Barbadoes sheep and llamas at my ranch where I reside. On my 1300 acre herb farm at Whispering Springs in Mona, Utah, I have…

because “self-help” is lonely

The Master Key Experience begins this month! Last notice. Last chance. For another year. Just say’n. Video #2 is priceless if you’re ready for more in any relationship click here for 35-minutes of “a-ha”!…..