time to brush

20160417_170837Can I be the only one who gets excited to open a fresh tube of toothpaste?! I’m only willing to pay for the best and there’s something about that little present to myself. To my smile! And to make sure I get to eat all my favorite foods for years to come! But before I open that new tube, check it out…. lay the near-empty tube of toothpaste on its side, and take the flat surface from the bottom of another container, and push it along the exterior of the tube to get lingering product off the sides and down into the cap. THEN, snip the tube in half (saving the top to re-cap as pictured) and there you’ll find your treasure of several more brushings. Don’t waste a drop. And since everyone in my house get their own tube of toothpaste, go ahead, double dip!20160417_170750