diffusing rose oil

Seemed like a sultry idea at the time, smelling beautiful Rose Oil before bed.

DO YOU HAVE YOUR YL GENTLE MIST PERSONAL DIFFUSER?  OMG Luvvvvvvvv this product!  I have one just for YL Frankincense Essential Oil and another for YL Rose Essential Oil!  Yes!!  Open your bottle of Rose and use it! With your personal diffuser, it takes just 2-drops for thirty 30-second uses!

I wouldn’t miss splashing my face and body with essential oils throughout the day. The healing effects are too obvious between doing and not doing.

But I recommend the Rose Oil for morning wakeup because with the highest frequency of all other known essential oils, raising your frequency is exactly what it does! Hello!!

(Wayne Dyer shared how he would put Young Living’s Rose Oil in his bellybutton each morning to raise his spiritual enlightenment!)