it’s a new start

My LinkedIn buddy, Koy, has a way with wish-I-would-have-said-that! Yeah, it’s a new week again, start fresh in the moment…. and perhaps an intentional whiff or splash over you heart with YL Present Time Essential Oil Blend. Enjoy this latest 60-seconds  😉  

if your feet spoke english

Listen when your feet are talking…. “Ouch” “I’m hot” “I’m numb” “That tickles” Etc. etc. You’ll remember from my earlier post that the feet are a mirror image of the rest of your body! * Bones of foot correspond to bones throughout the body * Muscles in the foot correspond to other body muscles * … More if your feet spoke english

meet my teacher

Most people make life more difficult than it needs to be! We were created to ENJOY life!! So how is it some of us learned to CHILL OUT yet discipline everything around us for better and better everyday! No judgment. When you’re ready for things to change, I have a huge insider advantage!! Of course it’s … More meet my teacher

if I told you how

We’re all through the major holidays for awhile! And some of us know the simple three step path to stay on vacation, or at least show-up to the office tomorrow on your terms! If this is your year of change, call me or fill out the contact form here. I’ll tell you the story how … More if I told you how

TODAY 1:00pm and 8:00pm last chance this year

Go90Grow© Sooooo happy I was able to get enrolled in this next 3-month program!! Friday is the last day; because of the hands on, one-on-one support, slots a limited. Yes, they are giving away full, no strings attached, lifetime memberships. Click for either of Final Two Webinars
 Thursday, November 2nd, 1:00 PM EST Click to … More TODAY 1:00pm and 8:00pm last chance this year

affirmation bracelet set

AFFIRMATION BANDS Now only $4.99 with promo code oolabands at checkout (offer ends 8/12/2017) Whether you’re looking to purchase a set for yourself, your team, family, or friends, this gift of encouragement aids as a reminder to live in continuous growth and balance. Wear these bands individually or together as a constant reminder to take serious … More affirmation bracelet set

shoutout to peppermint oil

There it is again, good ole’ Peppermint! George Stephanopoulos on GMA talking this morning about his addiction to chewing gum (even two packs a day), turned into reading a sports’ study of Peppermint being dispersed to calm athletes, relieve high blood pressure, and that it allows the brain to process information more efficiently. One host piped in of a … More shoutout to peppermint oil

kinesiology made simple

I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND AM MORALLY OBLIGED TO REMIND YOU TO SEEK THE PROFESSIONALLY LICENSED MEDICAL ATTENTION THAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOU. You know the saying, right? “If these walls could talk!”. Well what “If your body could talk!”?  Noooo, not your lips, but  every  part  of  your  being! Muscle testing!! “ASK and ye … More kinesiology made simple