affirmation bracelet set

AFFIRMATION BANDS Now only $4.99 with promo code oolabands at checkout (offer ends 8/12/2017) Whether you’re looking to purchase a set for yourself, your team, family, or friends, this gift of encouragement aids as a reminder to live in continuous growth and balance. Wear these bands individually or together as a constant reminder to take serious … More affirmation bracelet set

shoutout to peppermint oil

There it is again, good ole’ Peppermint! George Stephanopoulos on GMA talking this morning about his addiction to chewing gum (even two packs a day), turned into reading a sports’ study of Peppermint being dispersed to calm athletes, relieve high blood pressure, and that it allows the brain to process information more efficiently. One host piped in of a … More shoutout to peppermint oil

kinesiology made simple

I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND AM MORALLY OBLIGED TO REMIND YOU TO SEEK THE PROFESSIONALLY LICENSED MEDICAL ATTENTION THAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOU. You know the saying, right? “If these walls could talk!”. Well what “If your body could talk!”?  Noooo, not your lips, but  every  part  of  your  being! Muscle testing!! “ASK and ye … More kinesiology made simple

NEW – YL insect repellent

Not a moment too soon with the new patio, we now have a readymade insect repellent announced at Young Living International Convention!! Since mosquitos are a biggie around these parts, I’ll offer you this backup plan from back-in-the-day playing with creative combinations! For even MORE simple specifics about dealing with various bites and poisons, you might also revisit Dr. David … More NEW – YL insect repellent

value price of ningxia red

AND SPEAKING OF Ningxia Red, it’s good to know WHY most members purchase ours with the Essential Rewards Autoship Pack (#9999). There are other kits and combos but don’t leave money on the table! Ningxia Red Essential Rewards Autoship Pack      $181.50  (instead of $226.50 sold separately) FEATURED BONUS PRODUCT: at 181.5pv for the pack, you’ve already earned free product at 100pv! Take your order to 190pv … More value price of ningxia red

bottom of bananas and boxes

Did you know that?!!  Monkeys know bananas are easier to open from the bottom! So is my experience with boxes, like when I’m excited to get into a new bottle of my YL Ningxia Red! And for you too, while they are troubleshooting why not everyone can open the accompanying 10-second video LOL, click this link instead…. …….. and … More bottom of bananas and boxes

invitation call with YL partner richard bliss brooke

You know how most people will dismiss opportunity to help someone else when it means selling a quality product? I know, it doesn’t make sense but it’s only because they don’t know what you and I know! TONIGHT’s interview is with one of my Top Mentors in the profession! You’re gonna love Mark too and how … More invitation call with YL partner richard bliss brooke

young living new products

Announced at YL International Convention 2017 …. where Convention-Goers already have their products! Look for your chance online next week! And act FAST!!! Mineral  Sunscreen Lotion After Sun Spray – a fluid turned cream Insect Repellent Seedling Line – for babies including diaper cream, baby oil, and wipes SuperCal Plus – reformulated with seaweed and 74 trace … More young living new products

psalm 139:14

“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”  –Max Planck, Theoretical Physicist So it goes when essential oils are depleted. There will be those satisfied mixing their kit of 40 constituents together to create a synthetic aroma … More psalm 139:14

proof through the night that our flag was still there

I am a Veteran!  Yay, hip hooray!  Balloons, streamers, and popcorn machine!! Remember your pride, maybe as a young Girl Scout or Boy Scout, with your first uniform?  Like it was yesterday, I recall feelings of that last week in Basic Military Training being fitted with my first Dress Blues!! OMG!, and the smell! Very … More proof through the night that our flag was still there