gary, mentor and friend

In all my life-changing moments and heavenly gifts that I possess, there again and again is Gary’s name. Far above human understanding was his…. his comprehensions, compassion, forgiveness, and willingness that put an entire world above his own limitations. And he indeed concurred. Gary believes the best in everyone; deserved or otherwise. Five years ago … More gary, mentor and friend

revving up for march 3rd

Most people want to be invited to a life changing event. Learning NEW skills that make your life less stressful is life changing. THAT’s why my joyous obsession over the next week is to get your invitation in your hands! This link gets you straight to my coach and mentor who has rocked my world, … More revving up for march 3rd

DRAFT remember a thing called “bartering”

  Webster Dictionary Back in the day, family….. a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation barter……. to trade by exchanging one commodity for another The new wave to the same result, network….. a usually informally interconnected group or association of persons (such as friends or professional colleagues) marketing….. the act or process … More DRAFT remember a thing called “bartering”

meet my teacher

Most people make life more difficult than it needs to be! We were created to ENJOY life!! So how is it some of us learned to CHILL OUT yet discipline everything around us for better and better everyday! No judgment. When you’re ready for things to change, I have a huge insider advantage!! Of course it’s … More meet my teacher

if I told you how

We’re all through the major holidays for awhile! And some of us know the simple three step path to stay on vacation, or at least show-up to the office tomorrow on your terms! If this is your year of change, call me or fill out the contact form here. I’ll tell you the story how … More if I told you how