gary, mentor and friend

In all my life-changing moments and heavenly gifts that I possess, there again and again is Gary’s name. Far above human understanding was his…. his comprehensions, compassion, forgiveness, and willingness that put an entire world above his own limitations. And he indeed concurred. Gary believes the best in everyone; deserved or otherwise. Five years ago … More gary, mentor and friend

i love sharing gold nuggets

This one is actually “silver”, transitioning to gray hair 🙂 , but Carol is in my goldmine of resources that changed my life! This is also actually what I meant to post this morning! Ha! I type faster than I think but this 7-minute video is only available for one week so fast matters!

happy valentines’ day

I haven’t celebrated Valentines’ Day for 25 years because in my little world, it is my wedding day. These days I celebrate everything! Happy 25th Merry New Valentine Oktoberfest, Sweetheart!!  

the genius of dance

Back in the day at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, my partner was a strong Greek God of sorts. We’d dance close and seductive from morning well into the night being groomed for competition. But a greater life changing moment was actually with our colleague Tony; another handsome young man with a heart of gold. … More the genius of dance

it’s a new start

My LinkedIn buddy, Koy, has a way with wish-I-would-have-said-that! Yeah, it’s a new week again, start fresh in the moment…. and perhaps an intentional whiff or splash over you heart with YL Present Time Essential Oil Blend. Enjoy this latest 60-seconds  😉  

if your feet spoke english

Listen when your feet are talking…. “Ouch” “I’m hot” “I’m numb” “That tickles” Etc. etc. You’ll remember from my earlier post that the feet are a mirror image of the rest of your body! * Bones of foot correspond to bones throughout the body * Muscles in the foot correspond to other body muscles * … More if your feet spoke english