i love sharing gold nuggets

This one is actually “silver”, transitioning to gray hair 🙂 , but Carol is in my goldmine of resources that changed my life! This is also actually what I meant to post this morning! Ha! I type faster than I think but this 7-minute video is only available for one week so fast matters!

happy valentines’ day

I haven’t celebrated Valentines’ Day for 25 years because in my little world, it is my wedding day. These days I celebrate everything! Happy 25th Merry New Valentine Oktoberfest, Sweetheart!!  

the genius of dance

Back in the day at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, my partner was a strong Greek God of sorts. We’d dance close and seductive from morning well into the night being groomed for competition. But a greater life changing moment was actually with our colleague Tony; another handsome young man with a heart of gold. … More the genius of dance

it’s a new start

My LinkedIn buddy, Koy, has a way with wish-I-would-have-said-that! Yeah, it’s a new week again, start fresh in the moment…. and perhaps an intentional whiff or splash over you heart with YL Present Time Essential Oil Blend. Enjoy this latest 60-seconds  😉  

if your feet spoke english

Listen when your feet are talking…. “Ouch” “I’m hot” “I’m numb” “That tickles” Etc. etc. You’ll remember from my earlier post that the feet are a mirror image of the rest of your body! * Bones of foot correspond to bones throughout the body * Muscles in the foot correspond to other body muscles * … More if your feet spoke english

if I told you how

We’re all through the major holidays for awhile! And some of us know the simple three step path to stay on vacation, or at least show-up to the office tomorrow on your terms! If this is your year of change, call me or fill out the contact form here. I’ll tell you the story how … More if I told you how

affirmation bracelet set

AFFIRMATION BANDS Now only $4.99 with promo code oolabands at checkout (offer ends 8/12/2017) Whether you’re looking to purchase a set for yourself, your team, family, or friends, this gift of encouragement aids as a reminder to live in continuous growth and balance. Wear these bands individually or together as a constant reminder to take serious … More affirmation bracelet set