time for your zyto printout

ZYTO Compass Available locally through September 25th click “CONTACT US” or ask Caren at 330.801.3668 to make your appointment The 2-minute video below will explain why it works to select the best products for you!! This month mine focused on YL Pure Protein Complete Chocolate and YL Melrose Oil blend; neither one a surprise for me. I … More time for your zyto printout

smell the roses

I’ve heard from folks who made it back from their last breath, that heaven smells like roses. Rose oil carries the highest frequency of all the essential oils and, therefore, the most transporting for an emotional and spiritual uplift. What a beautiful gift to own a bottle of the most pure YL Rose oil to pass down … More smell the roses

tranquil roll-on

Do you keep your roll-ons in your pocket? in your purse? Remember to keep a couple roll-on options beside your bed too!  YL RutaVaLa Roll-on is great for encouraging sleep and another favorite is my YL Tranquil Roll-on; nice as a cologne. I had been waking with the most excruciating pain in the muscles atop my … More tranquil roll-on

taste the frankincense

My precious brother-in-law will tell you! Tip your head back each morning and allow a single drop of YL Sacred Frankincense essential oil to land on the middle of your tongue. One drop will do! Frankincense is repeatedly documented for results against cancers and this honors prevention. And how about support to the brain? I learned … More taste the frankincense

protect your brain

YL Brain Power oil blend! My first experience was at a Young Living workshop. One day after lunch, the woman beside me opened her bottle of essential oil and, before putting the bottle away, she offered it to me. She then gestured to put a drop on the tip of my finger and place on … More protect your brain