guess your allergen

I don’t know if was the gluten or the dairy, but it’s always YL Ningia Red to the rescue…. balancing my pH and energy instantly like magic juice! And my lucky mug!

that’s why i’ll never stop frankincense

FRANKINCENSE. Holy grail. “More precious than gold…”, it’s no surprise that with issues as delicate and unknown as vision, YL Frankincense Essential Oil is an obvious choice. More than 15-years ago I actually used Frankincense to improve my vision as directed by others’ testimonies and, sure enough, within a couple months my vision had corrected … More that’s why i’ll never stop frankincense

diffusing rose oil

Seemed like a sultry idea at the time, smelling beautiful Rose Oil before bed. DO YOU HAVE YOUR YL GENTLE MIST PERSONAL DIFFUSER?  OMG Luvvvvvvvv this product!  I have one just for YL Frankincense Essential Oil and another for YL Rose Essential Oil!  Yes!!  Open your bottle of Rose and use it! With your personal … More diffusing rose oil

immupro just in time

CHEWABLE and FAST absorbing to support the immune system NOW! This “quick” outing, I just pocketed my tiny billfold and YL Idaho Balsam Fir before bouncing out the door. We aren’t usually running here and there till 4:00 and were willing to hold off lunch till filling our car full of the finest foods. And … More immupro just in time

kinesiology made simple

I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND AM MORALLY OBLIGED TO REMIND YOU TO SEEK THE PROFESSIONALLY LICENSED MEDICAL ATTENTION THAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOU. You know the saying, right? “If these walls could talk!”. Well what “If your body could talk!”?  Noooo, not your lips, but  every  part  of  your  being! Muscle testing!! “ASK and ye … More kinesiology made simple

NEW – YL insect repellent

Not a moment too soon with the new patio, we now have a readymade insect repellent announced at Young Living International Convention!! Since mosquitos are a biggie around these parts, I’ll offer you this backup plan from back-in-the-day playing with creative combinations! For even MORE simple specifics about dealing with various bites and poisons, you might also revisit Dr. David … More NEW – YL insect repellent

value price of ningxia red

AND SPEAKING OF Ningxia Red, it’s good to know WHY most members purchase ours with the Essential Rewards Autoship Pack (#9999). There are other kits and combos but don’t leave money on the table! Ningxia Red Essential Rewards Autoship Pack      $181.50  (instead of $226.50 sold separately) FEATURED BONUS PRODUCT: at 181.5pv for the pack, you’ve already earned free product at 100pv! Take your order to 190pv … More value price of ningxia red