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#1  MAKING THE DECISION can be easy with your choice of our ‘Premium Starter Kits’ (topping off from $45 – $260) which you can checkout on page 101 when you click the on-line Product Guide pictured here! You may choose to start with just a bottle or two as a Retail Customer, or save 24% and create your own business opportunity when you choose to order as a Member; and I can help you with both!!

With the Essential Oils Collection included in your kit, you’ll have a variety of the 10 most popular oils to use and diffuse and, by getting a kit, it’s like getting your diffuser for free or click here for four diffuser options.

Both Retail or Wholesale accounts give you full access to Young Living’s Virtual Office to select products you want shipped directly to your address, and a multitude of resources as you continue learning through bi-weekly e-mail updates, current training blogs, and monthly promos!

#2  OPEN THE BOTTLE  cause you’ll have the most fun learning about your products by using them!! When they arrive in about a week (or ask for upgraded shipping) jumpstart your confidence here with 110 Uses for Everyday Oils Collection and Essential Oil Safety Guide to bring essential oils into your daily lifestyle.

Click the ‘FOLLOW‘ widget in the page footer below for you and I to stay connected each week with how I’m also using my oils! For even more benefits, we can talk about the finer points of the Essential Rewards Program for discounted shipping, special member kits, and to earn free product rebate dollars from 10-25% of your monthly rewards order that you’ll spend on future product! All with the flexibility ordering whatever YL products you choose in any given month!!

DeskReference#3  KEEP LEARNING
 of course! And with the Essential Oils Desk Reference by Gary Young, you have your all inclusive cross-referencing resource for using the quality standards of Young Living. Sectioned for oils / blends / supplements / personal care, along with an in-depth ‘Personal Reference Guide’ for known uses in any given situation, all your oil questions can be answered including loads of charted research you didn’t know to ask!! As a thank you and my commitment to your journey, when you place your first wholesale membership order through my secure affiliate link (click on book) I will send you the jumpstart 490 page travel sized ‘Reference Guide for Essential Oils’ FREE!


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Click on “The Four Year Career – Young Living Edition” above to browse a few of its on-line pages for a quick understanding of the networking profession.

SHARE YOUR PERSONALIZED MEMBER LINK – It’s FREE and waiting for you to copy/paste when you log into your Young Living Virtual Office (follow ‘Member Resources’ link). Absolutely it’s never required for you to help the next generation learn about essential oils, it just feels good; for everyone!! With your affiliate link, Young Living makes it super easy to stay connected with those who ask for more information. On the spot you can text them your link and let them know you’ll stay in touch. Simple!



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